SUMIPEX® is the registered trademark of Sumitomo Chemical for its Polymethyl Methacrylate resin (PMMA), manufactured in Singapore.

PMMA is a kind of thermoplastic resin, which is flammable and also soluble in an organic solvent. Due to its outstanding characteristics, such as exceptional clarity, weather resistance and mechanical properties as well as appealing luster among other transparent plastics, PMMA is also commonly known as “The Queen of Plastics.”

SUMIPEX® is renowned for its excellent clarity, weather resistance and superb optical properties, and is used for a wide range of applications as a high-quality resin for products that include automobile parts, LCD displays (for desktop laptop monitors), extrusion sheets, optical lenses and tableware. In recent years we have further enhanced SUMIPEX® in response to market needs by adding extra features such as greater impact, plus heat and chemical resistance to create a totally unique product line-up.

As a leading manufacturer of MMA-Monomer and PMMA, we will continue to endeavour to win the confidence of all present and potential SUMIPEX® users. In order to provide quality products and services, we have a group of professional and committed personnel to handle your enquiries.

Outstanding Properties of SUMIPEX®