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INFINO® is LOTTE Advanced Materials’ leading engineering plastics brand, symbolizing the company’s commitment to creating new values and pursue diverse possibilities for customers. INFINO® series offers a wide range of products including PC with excellent thermal stability and processibility, PC Alloy(PC/ABS, PC/ASA, PC/PET, PC/PMMA), PBT, mPPE and PPS Alloy.

starex® is the Styrene product brand of LOTTE Advanced Materials, representing the company’s efforts to put together customer-centered technologies and know-how. starex covers the Styrene product groups such as ABS, ASA, EPS, SAN, while offering high-functionality choices through various lineups.

  • Infino
  • Starex

INFINO® Transparent PC resin features its outstanding optical clarity. Thanks to its superior flowability and thermal stability, INFINO® PC resin stays completely transparent without discoloration at elevated temperatures. Our unique manufacturing technology to remove the low molecular weight oligomers made it possible to minimize the mold deposits during injection process. This advantage makes INFINO® Transparent PC most suitable for a wide variety of applications from small to large sized goods with complex design. Transparent PC Product Line-Up Key

Key Features

  • Excellent optical characteristic: High transmittance, UV resistance
  • High impact strength
  • Light weight solution
  • Good processability: Low molding temperature and short cycle time


  • Lighting: Automotive, Lighting lens
  • LGP: Mobile display
  • Building & Construction: Roofing, Wall sheet extrusion
  • Data storage: CDs, DVDs
  • Optical lenses, Eyewear

  • LT-1220
  • LT-1100
  • SC-1060U

starex® ABS, composed of AN, BD and SM, has excellent processability, heat stability and impact strength. It is applicable to various products such as electrical and electronic devices, home appliances and toys.

We also deal in Starex color ABS.

Key Features

  • Excellent balance of properties
  • High gloss
  • Excellent heat stability
  • Good processability


  • TV
  • Home appliances
  • Toy
  • Automotive
  • Stationery

  • SD-0150 W
  • MP-0160 R
  • WR-9330I
  • WR-9300HF
  • WR-9310
  • SD-0150
  • SR-0330L
  • SR-0325L
  • PT-0180