Principal Products


Next Polymers are industry leaders in polymer composite raw materials. Our wide range of product-line powers various industry verticals right from automobile to telecom to electronic & electrical to furniture to home appliances.

  • Core Strength
  • Polymer Compounds
  • Customize Polymers With
  • Specialty Offering from Next Polymers
Application Development :
  • Joint Programs with Customers to Translate their need in Specification.
  • Technically Sound and Commercially Feasible Solutions.
  • Innovation with Tailor made Compounds.
Research & Development :
  • Improving Internal Processes.
  • Customer Assistance.
  • Value Addition.
  • Choosing Right Polymer & Composition.
  • Nylon 6 – Natural Lubricated, Colored & Compounded.
  • Nylon 66 – Natural Lubricated, Colored & Compounded.
  • Nylon 12 – Natural Lubricated, Colored & Compounded
  • PP Compounds
  • Polycarbonate – Colored & Compounded.ABS – Colored & Compounded.
  • ABS – Colored & Compounded.
  • Acrylic PMMA – Colored.
  • Specialty Compounds – PPS, LCP, etc.
  • Nylon / PP Alloys
  • PC / ABS Alloys.
  • Nylon / ABS Alloys.
  • PBT Compounds
  • Heat Stabilization
  • Heat Stabilization with Hydrolysis Resistance.
  • Weatherability - UV Resistance.
  • Impact Modification – Medium & Super Tough grades.
  • Flame Retardant – Halogen Free & Halogenated.
  • Glass Fiber / Beads Reinforcement.
  • Anti-wear (MOS2 / PTFE / Graphite).
  • Mineral / Talc Filling.
  • Custom Coloring as per RAL & Pantone shade card
  • Carbon Fiber reinforced polymers.
  • Transparent Colors for PMMA & PC.
  • FDA : Food Contact grades
  • ROHS Compliance Grades
  • Hydrolysis resistant / Extrudable Nylon compounds: These are compounds based on Nylon6 or Nylon 66. Typical example is window frames and extruded door frames used in marine applications.
  • Anti-wear / Lubricated compounds: Applications that require low co-efficient of friction, like gears, bushings and others require these compounds. These are made by incorporating PTFE and/or MoS2 in selected polymers.
  • Compounds for Food Contact Applications: NPL has developed compounds which are approved for food contact applications. These are basically nylon compounds made with special base polymers and additive packages.
  • Blends & Alloys: Nylon/ABS, PC/ABS, PBT/PET, Nylon/PP, PC/PBT and other specialty blends for specific applications.

LUPOY PC 1303AH-22 Tint Polycarbonate Resin is designed for injection molding of auto-headlamps. It exhibits an excellent physical property balance of heat resistance, transparency and impact strength.

LUPOY PC 1303HP-08 resin is designed for extrusion and injection molding products. It exhibits an excellent physical property balance of heat resistance, transparency and impact strength.

  • 1303HP-08
  • 1303AH-22